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Employee Directory

Faculty and Staff Directory

To reach an employee by phone, dial 417-667-6333, and enter the four-digit extension.

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Name Title Phone Extension Email
A top
Adams, Andrew Library Assistant for Public Service 2210 Andrew Adams
Adams, Kristina Assistant Professor & Coordinator of Education 2270 Kristina Adams
Adams, Landon Vice President for Student Life and Enrollment 2126 Landon Adams
Ahmedou, Jodi International Education Coordinator 2132 Jodi Ahmedou
Allen, Connie Office Manager-Physical Plant 2155 Connie Allen
B top
Belk, Evan Assistant Basketball Coach, Assistant SID, Athletics Operations Manager 2337 Evan Belk
Bolser, Angie Prep Cook 2172 Angela Bolser
Booth, Tara Assistant Professor of Art 2264 Tara Booth
Bourbon, Carmen Professor of Spanish 2182 Carmen Bourbon
Bradshaw, Connie Director of Advancement Services 2149 Connie Bradshaw
Bradshaw, Tim Videographer/Photographer 2141 Tim Bradshaw
Breeden, Kenneth Security Officer/CDL Driver Kenneth, Breeden
Brier, Karri Custodian 2145 Karri Brier
Budd, Lori Custodian 2937 Lori Budd
Burr, Trudy Library Assistant for Acquisitions 2110 Trudy Burr
C top
Carrick Hedges, Denise Director of Leadership Development 2204 Denise Carrick Hedges
Carriker, Tiffany Enrollment Counselor 2133 Tiffany Carriker
Chaney, Laura Professor of Theatre & Director of Center for Arts 2265 Laura Chaney
Chaney, Sandra Professor of History 2176 Sandra Chaney
Chellie Club Center for Campus Life 2156
Chelminska, Paula Associate Professor of International Business 2273 Paula Chelminska
Clutter, Mindy Dining Services Office Assistant 2150 Mindy Clutter
Clyde, Carol Associate Professor of Organizational Leadership 2117 Carol Clyde
Coffey, Randon VP for Communication and Strategic Initiatives 1414 Randon Coffey
Compton, Jill Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs 2244 Jill Compton
Conlin, Catherine Visiting Assistant Professor of Music 2285 Catherine Conlin
Conner, Robin Student Wellness Coordinator 2157 Robin Conner
Cooper, Darlina Program and Event Coordinator 2136 Darlina Cooper
Crawford, Shannon Custodian 2944 Shannon Crawford
Cui, Wei Associate Professor of Mathematics 2281 Wei Cui
Culbertson, Madeline Associate Director of Enrollment Communication and Database Management 2138 Madeline Culbertson
Cunningham, Kim Staff accountant 2101
D top
Daleki, Abby Assistant Professor of Art 2242 Abby Daleki
Davis, Brian Security Officer 2297 Brian Davis
Dioses, Jorge Associate Professor of Mathematics 2209 Jorge Dioses
Douglas, Beth Custodian 2942 Beth Douglas
Dunfield, Raymond PM Line Chef 2172 Raymond Dunfield
E top
English, Heather Disability Support Services/Student Success Coordinator 2131 Heather English
F top
Fast, Allison Information Technology Support Specialist 2368 Allison Fast
Fernando, Ganga Professor of Chemistry 2180 Ganga Fernando
Firkus, Angela Professor of History 2201 Angela Firkus
Foreman, Marla Kannady Volleyball Coach, Administrative Assistant-Basketball/Softball 2256 Marla Kannady Foreman
Foster, Michael Head Bowling Coach and Chellie Club Coordinator 2194 Michael Foster
Fowler, Perry Maintenance Supervisor 2934 Perry Fowler
Fox, Denise Custodian 2145 Denise Fox
Freeman, Alicia Head Flag Football Coach/Compliance and Eligibility 2207 Alicia Freeman
French, Daniel Student Account Specialist 2178 Daniel French
G top
Ghosh-Kumar, Manjira Associate Professor of Biology and Chemistry 2240 Manjira Ghosh-Kumar
Gibbs, Gayla Security Officer 2297 Gayla Gibbs
Gilchrist, Amanda Associate Professor of Psychology 2276 Amanda Gilchrist
Good, Eric Mail Coordinator/Maintenance Technician 2135 Eric Good
Green, Jonathan Assistant Professor of English 2245 Jonathan Green
Gurien, Emma Head Competitive Cheer and Dance Coach, Enrollment Counselor 2239 Emma Gurien
H top
Habjan, Dominic Esports Program Director 2206 Dominic Habjan
Hancock, Terry Adjunct Assistant Professor of Mathematics 2173 Terry Hancock
Harper, Doug Assistant Technical Director 2265 Doug Harper
Harroald, Christy Pastry Chef 2172 Christy Harroald
Hefner, Todd Director of the Physical Plant 2290 Todd Hefner
Hernandez, Isaac Adjunct Piano Professor 2266 Isaac Hernandez
Hough, Taylar Graphic Designer/Spirit Shop Manager 1418 Taylar Hough
Howell, Rose Head Cross Country and Track Coach 2195 Rose Howell
Huff, Jewlea Library Assistant for Public Services 2181 Jewlea Huff
Hyland, Peter Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy 2211 Peter Hyland
I top
J top
Jeffries, Nichole AM Swing Cook 2172 Nichole Jeffries
Joella, Ethan Adjunct English Professor Ethan Joella
Johnson, Gary Adjunct Faculty-Music/Percussion 2255 Gary Johnson
Johnston, Dakotah P.E.O. Hall Director/Campus Activities Coordinator 2086 Dakotah Johnston
Jones, Sherry Custodial Supervisor 2145 Sherry Jones
Jones, Tatiana Library Technician/Cataloger 2114 Tatiana Jones
K top
Karsten, Larry Part-Time Security 2297 Larry Karsten
Kehoe, Jessie Dining/Catering Assistant 2172 Jessie Kehoe
Keith, Jan AM Swing Cook 2172 Janeice Keith
Kelso, Tracey Development Coordinator 2120 Tracey Kelso
Kerbs, Deana Assistant to the VP for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty 2128 Deana Kerbs
Keys, Staci Senior Director of Annual Giving and Stewardship 2115 Staci Keys
Klinginsmith, Rebekah Head Softball Coach 2277 Rebekah Klinginsmith
Kitsmiller, Gary Part-Time Security 2297 Gary Kitsmiller
Kohn, Nancy Assistant Professor of Biology 2212 Nancy Kohn
L top
Lanser, Tracy Assistant Professor of Education 2187 Tracy Lanser
Leftwich, Shauna Custodian 2145 Shauna Leftwich
Lewis, Zach PM Server 2172 Zachary Lewis
Lordo, Jackie Associate Professor of Music 2199 Jackie Lordo
Love, Bradley Associate Director of Marketing 2140 Bradley Love
Lunkenheimer, Gary Professor of Business and Economics 2271 Gary Lunkenheimer
Lusk, Anna Assistant Registrar 2125 Anna Lusk
M top
Mangukiya, Rupalben Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies 2134 Rupal Mangukiya
Masters, Hannah Executive Director of Financial Aid and Student Accounts 2192 Hannah Masters
Mays, Justin Assistant Director Information Technology 2268 Justin Mays
Mba, Mary Associate Professor of French and Francophone 2260 Mary Mba
McCain, Karla VP for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty 2128 Karla McCain
McKinzie, Dillon Assistant Softball Coach 2202 Dillon McKinzie
Mendez, Chelsea Head Chef & Assistant Director of Dining Services 2170 Chelsea Mendez
Messer, Terry Custodian 2145 Terry Messer
Miles, Justice Visiting Assistant Professor of Dance Justice Miles
Miller, Amy PM Line Chef 2172 Amy Miller
Miller, Ashleigh Assistant Volleyball Coach/Assistant to Director of Athletics 2356 Ashleigh Miller
Miller, Maggie Associate Director of Admissions 2147 Maggie Miller
Mills, Claire Assistant Professor of Philosophy 2218 Claire Mills
Miriyam, Tinu Neha Assistant Professor of Criminology 2171 Tinu Miriyam
Mitchell, Michael Maintenance Technician 2289 Michael Mitchell
Mitts, Maryann Athletic Director and Head Basketball Coach 2237 Maryann Mitts
Mosher, April Executive Chef and Director of Dining Services 2150 April Mosher
Moss, Catherine Director of the President’s Office, Secretary to the Board 1456 Catherine Moss
Moyer, Mikelah Gift Processing and Reporting 2097 Mikelah Moyer
N top
Nguyen, Thao Regional Recruitment Coordinator Thao Nguyen
Niles, Stefanie President 2111 Stefanie Niles
Norris, James Part-Time Security 2297 James Norris
O top
Ogren, Tammy Assistant Professor of Business-Management 2198 Tammy Ogren
Overton, Amber Library Assistant and Student Employee Coordinator 2152 Amber Overton
P top
Palmer, Carol Dining and Catering Manager 2169 Carol Palmer
Penn, Becky Assistant to the President’s Office 2111 Becky Penn
Penney, Chayna Associate Registrar 2393 Chayna Penney
Phillips, Caroline Purchasing/Risk Management Agent 2123 Caroline Phillips
Pivak, Kathryn Faculty-English 2272 Kathryn Pivak
Polo, Sarah Assistant Professor of English 2183 Sarah Polo
Polon, Karen Professor of Physical Education 2251 Karen Polon
Q top
Quick, Sarah Professor of Anthropology 2269 Sarah Quick
R top
Roberts, Shania Robertson Hall Director 5050 Shania Roberts
Rose, Rhonda Custodian 2938 Rhonda Rose
Ross, Brenda Professor of Chemistry 2215 Brenda Ross
Roy, Oindrila Associate Professor of International Relations 2229 Oindrila Roy
S top
Sanders, Blaklee Counselor 2157 Blaklee Sanders
Sandoval, Pamela Custodian 2947 Pamela Sandoval
Sarker, Goutam Assistant Professor of Biology 2213 Goutam Sarker
Saxena, Pooja Assistant Professor of Education 2246 Pooja Saxena
Selby, Kendall Physical Plant IT Supervisor 2189 Kendall Selby
Severance, Kimberly Director of Career Services/Head Golf Coach 2184 Kimberly Severance
Shuster, Mike Manager of Safety, Security, and Clery 2292 Mike Shuster
Simmons, Jared PM Dishwasher 2172 Jared Simmons
Simpson, Jeanna Director of Health and Counseling Services 2157 Jeanna Simpson
Smith, Jeri Custodian 2948 Jeri Smith
Smith, Jordan PM Dishwasher 2172 Jordan Smith
Spencer, Keith Director of Information Technology 2226 Keith Spencer
Spencer, Theresa Professor of Music, Voice/Choral 2283 Theresa Spencer
Stanfill, Bill Registrar 2193 Bill Stanfill
Starlin, Jesse Grounds Technician 2935 Jesse Starlin
Stoller, McGee Director of Human Resources and Title IX Coordinator 2103 McGee Stoller
Stone, Deena AM Line Chef 2172 Deena Stone
Stubblefield, Trisha Professor of English 2274 Trisha Stubblefield
T top
Taul, Chandlar Enrollment Counselor 2137 Chandlar Taul
Thomasma, Stefanie Director of Advancement Communications 2233 Stefanie Thomasma
Tietz, Julie Professor of Psychology 2220 Julie Tietz
Trautweiler, Courtney Director of the Library 2109 Courtney Trautweiler
Travis, Gracie Head Athletic Trainer 2203 Gracie Travis
U top
Underwood, Roger Maintenance Technician 2926 Roger Underwood
V top
Verklan, Elizabeth Asst. Prof. of Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies 2197 Elizabeth Verklan
Verter, Eric Controller 2106 Eric Verter
Vincent, Meghan Director of Campus and Residence Life 2304 Meghan Vincent
W top
Walker, Bryce IT Coordinator for Academic Affairs 2275 Bryce Walker
Watanabe, Kanji Prof. of International Relations/Political Science 2188 Kanji Watanabe
West, Shaun Assistant to the Vice President for Student Life and Enrollment/Campus Visit Coordinator 2126 Shaun West
White, Jerry Vice President for Finance Administration 2123 Jerry White
White, Toni AM Dishwasher 2172 Toni White
Wiggans, Christopher Maintenance Technician 2299 Christopher Wiggans
Witte, Matthew Maintenance Technician 2933 Matthew Witte
Womack, Helen Custodian 2946 Helen Womack
Wood, Michelle Vice President for Institutional Advancement 2120 Michelle Wood
X top
Y top
Z top

Cottey College Offices

Office Phone Number Fax Number Email Address
Academic Affairs 417-667-8181 ext. 2128
Academic Records 417-667-8181 ext. 2125 417-448-1030
Alumnae Relations 417-667-8181 ext. 2122
Athletic Department 417-667-8181 ext. 2237 417-448-1055
Blanche Skiff Ross Memorial Library 417-667-8181 ext. 2153 417-448-1040
Business Office 417-667-8181 ext. 2123 417-448-1001
Enrollment Management 417-667-8181 ext. 2107 Or Toll Free: 888-5-COTTEY 417-448-1025
Financial Aid and Student Accounts 417-448-1445
Human Resources 417-667-8181 ext. 2103 417-448-1060
Institutional Advancement 417-667-8181 ext. 2120 417-448-1015
Institutional Research 417-667-8181 ext. 2125
Kolderie Center 417-667-8181 ext. 2168
Marketing and Strategic Communications 417-448-1414
P.E.O. Relations 417-667-8181 ext. 2122
Physical Plant 417-667-8181 ext. 2155 417-448-1010
President’s Office 417-667-8181 ext. 2111 417-448-1000
Serenbetz Institute for Women’s Leadership 417-667-8181 ext. 2116
Student Life Center 417-667-8181 ext. 2126 417-448-1021