Opening Convocation Livestream

Watch the 139th Opening of the College ceremony live. Saturday, August 20 at 7 p.m.


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Campus Activities

Tap here to view our Fall 2023 Schedule of Events.


Student Activities Committee

Cottey provides a dynamic activities program on campus. The Student Activities Committee (SAC) plans, promotes, and produces events featuring bands, comedians, magicians, and novelty entertainers. Other events include Grocery BINGOs, intramurals, custom-made products, movies, and road trips.

Cottey Performing Arts Series

The Cottey College Performing Arts Series sponsors performances each year that span the realm of music, theatre, and dance. Students are admitted free to all campus performances, except student organization fundraisers. Some performances will sell out.

Clubs and Organizations

There are several student organizations on campus, including governmental bodies, programming boards, social organizations, and academic and honorary groups. Students may form new organizations as new needs are expressed. To view our student clubs and organizations page, tap here.

Family Weekend

Family Weekend is a special weekend created for families and guests to spend on campus with students. Parents, siblings, grandparents, other relatives, and friends are all invited. Family Weekend, traditionally held the last weekend of September, is a great opportunity for families and friends to meet suitemates and college friends, and to experience life at Cottey. For more information on Family Weekend, including a full schedule of events, tap here.


Much of Cottey’s character can be attributed to its traditions. Cottey traditions, some of which date back to its founding, serve as a symbolic expression of the rich and unique heritage shared by the College community. Others have evolved through the years and are perpetuated by students. Cottey life is enriched and made more special by many traditions. Participation in student traditions is optional. To view our traditions page, tap here.