Map showing Cottey College property purchase

This map shows the property recently purchased by Cottey College and its proximity to the existing campus.

Cottey College is pleased to announce the purchase of 2.93 acres of property contiguous to campus. The property is located immediately west of campus between Tower Street and Woods Supermarket. The owner of the property approached the College and presented the opportunity to purchase this land. The Cottey College Board of Trustees saw this as a long-term fit for the development of campus and authorized the purchase. The property contains an office building, a triplex, four apartments, and a small home and is contiguous to the Kelso property the College purchased in 2014.

The funds for the purchase came out of an endowed operations reserve fund. Monies from that fund are used for campus enhancements and are not part of the general operating budget.

At this time, the College is still discussing the best use for the facilities on the property. Optional housing for third- and fourth-year students is under consideration. Apartment living close to campus would offer juniors and seniors a transition from suite life to independent living. The apartments all have full kitchens which would allow students to prepare food, and the proximity to Robertson Hall also offers students the opportunity to purchase a meal plan and eat in the dining room if they choose to do so.

“The purchase of the property allows Cottey to increase its footprint and add acreage to help facilitate the campus master plan,” said Dr. Jann Weitzel. “Dedicated housing for our third- and fourth-year baccalaureate students will help them prepare for independent adult living after graduation.”

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