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Cottey College partners with Crowder College of Neosho, Missouri, to offer the pre-professional education courses required by the state of Missouri. By carefully combining education courses with general education courses offered by Cottey, the student can transfer to her selected 4-year institution with minimal problems. Of course, the key is careful planning. Since each state has specific requirements for teaching certification/licensure, the student must work with her academic advisor and selected transfer institution when planning her academic program at Cottey College.

The field of Education is multi-faceted. Education specializations include elementary, secondary, adult and continuing, special, administration and supervision, early childhood, guidance and counseling, testing and evaluation, business, and vocational/technical. In addition to teaching in the traditional school setting, Education majors find employment in business and industry, government agencies, youth services, camps, hospitals, and various non-profit organizations.

You might consider Education as a major if you are creative, have strong interpersonal skills, enjoy motivating and organizing people, and like variety in your daily activities. Cottey College is great a place to begin your career in the education profession.

Students are encouraged to plan their program at Cottey College with the degree requirements for their transfer institution.  Each state has specific requirements for teaching licensure.  Using this information will help make the transfer process easier.

Cottey College has established a consortium agreement with Crowder College, located in Neosho, Missouri, to provide pre-professional education courses.  These courses are approved by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.  Crowder College has a satellite campus located in Nevada, Missouri.  Cottey students may take any of the education courses offered though Crowder College at no additional charge.  The credits earned at Crowder College are transferred to Cottey and count as part of the 62 hour degree requirement.  Some of the courses are offered on the Cottey campus and some are offered at the Moss Higher Education Learning Center in Nevada.  Transportation to the Moss Center is typically provided by students with cars enrolled in the course.  If a student does not have a vehicle, transportation is provided. Students do their observations and pre-teaching activities in the Nevada Public Schools.  These experiences take place in all levels of licensure.

Foundations of Education

Historical, philosophical, sociological, and legal foundations, public school curricula and organization, and current trends in public education will be examined in this survey course.  Individuals considering a career in education are encouraged to take this course.

Literature for Elementary Children

This study of literature for elementay grades is recommended for, but not restricted to, Elementary Education majors.  Students evaluate literature as a developmental tool.

Teaching Profession with Field Experience

This course provides education majors an opportunity to observe teaching and learning for thirty (30) hours or more in P-12 classrooms.  Students examine characteristics of effective teaching as well as study the requirements for teacher certification.

Technology in Teaching

This course exposes students to a variety of instructional technologies including software, word processing, desktop publishing, Internet, multimedia and peripheral devices used to enhance learning.

Educational Psychology

Prerequisite: PSYC 101
This course is designed to help students relate the application of psychological principles to teaching, learning, and assessment and the educational practice in P-12 classrooms. It will focus on the learner and the learning process, teacher characteristics, and classroom processes that increase student motivation. Student diversity and appropriate instructional strategies for students with special needs will also be introduced.

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