Disability Service Forms

Cottey’s Student Disability Services forms are now available as an electronic form in MyCottey! To register with the Office of Student Disability Services, please go to the online Voluntary Request for Student Disability Services in the online Disability Resource Center in MyCottey (note: you will need to login to MyCottey in order to access this form and page). On this one form, you can register as a student with a disability, identify which accommodations you believe you will need for equal and equitable access, complete your self-assessment, and upload your documentation. While you’re in MyCottey, check out the new online Disability Resource Center (DRC). The online DRC houses the Student Disability Services Handbook, disability services forms, as well as variety of resources and articles related to disability activism, creating accessible documents, and different national and international organizations for disabled students.

Cottey College Student Disability Services Handbook (2021)

Differences Between High School and College Disability Services

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