Driving to Nevada

from Kansas City International Airport

DirectionsFrom Interstate 49 to Nevada
Upon leaving the airport, take I-29 South downtown. I-29 merges with U.S. Highway 71. Follow the signs downtown to stay on Highway 71 South. Highway 71 becomes Interstate 49 and leads directly to Nevada. The trip from the airport to Nevada will take 2 to 21⁄2 hours depending on traffic. Follow the directions below to find Cottey once you have reached Nevada.

When you arrive at Nevada heading south on Interstate 49, you should take the fourth, and last, exit. This exit is Austin Street, but is listed on the exit sign as “K Highway, Camp Clark.” Most of the local motels and Cottey College are located on Austin Street.

Once exiting the highway, turn right, or west, onto Austin.

If you are arriving on Interstate 49 north into Nevada, you should take the first exit, which is listed as “Camp Clark, K Highway.” Turn left, or west, onto Austin Street.

To Cottey from Austin Street
Proceed west on Austin for approximately 2.2 miles. Cottey’s Main Hall is located on the corner of Austin and Chestnut streets. Once passing the intersection of Austin and Ash (the location of McDonald’s), it is only seven blocks to Chestnut. Turn right onto Chestnut and enter the semicircular drive. Visitor parking is available in front of Main Hall. Handicap entrance is located at rear of building.

from Joplin Airport
From the airport, turn right onto MO-43 N.

At the traffic circle, take the 2nd exit to continue north on MO-43.

After 43 miles, turn right onto US-54 E.

Continue 3 miles on US-54 E until you arrive in Nevada. Turn left one block past the first traffic light, onto Chestnut street. Cottey’s Main Hall is the first building on the left. Visitor parking is available in front of Main Hall. Handicap entrance is located at rear of building.

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Cottey College Chartered Bus Information

Cottey College offers a chartered bus service to and from Kansas City International Airport (MCI airport code) at the beginning and end of academic breaks. If you are in need of Cottey’s charted bus service, please plan your air travel around the departure times below. Public transportation is very limited. For changes or cancellations or to report travel difficulties that may delay your arrival, please contact the director of housing, Ms. Cindy Spencer at 701-610-3054. Any cancellations that occur within 72 hours of bus departure time are not eligible for a refund.

Reservations are $75 each way. Online reservations may be made up to seven business days prior to the trip then online reservations close. Business days/hours are defined as 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Friday. To make a reservation within seven days of the scheduled departure date the fee is $90 and reservations are made by contacting Ms. Shaun West in the Office of Student Life at 417-667-6333, ext. 2126 (automated service). Walk-on riders are accepted with a fee of $100 due upon return to campus.

If you prefer to send a check, please complete the printable form and mail to:

Office of Student Life
Cottey College
1000 W. Austin
Nevada, MO 64772


As space is limited, students may only bring one large or two small suitcases each and a small amount of carry-on luggage.

Length of trip

The trip between Cottey and the Kansas City airport takes approximately 2½ hours. Allow at least one hour between arriving at the airport and flight/bus departure time.

Airport location

The chartered bus departs from TERMINAL C, GATE 85 or the last gate in Terminal C due to ongoing construction. Individuals arriving at Terminals A or B will need to catch the free shuttle bus to Terminal C by waiting beneath the red signs outside the terminals. As the bus must leave on time, please plan to arrive at least 30 minutes before departure time.


Should an unforeseen event arise that forces a bus to be late (weather or mechanical problems), alternate transportation arrangements will be made as soon as possible. The College, however, is not responsible for the cost of missed flights. In addition, the College is not liable for items left on buses or any other losses suffered because of participation in this optional service. The chartered bus company carries general liability insurance.

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