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Emerging Leaders Symposium

Emerging Leaders Symposium


Join us for a two-day Virtual Leadership Symposium this spring. Participants will join in discussion regarding a variety of leadership topics that will help prepare you for your Incredible College Journey, as well as life after college. In addition to your newfound knowledge and skills, you will receive a Certificate of Completion after the Symposium.

Fast Facts:
Students graduating from high school in 2023 and 2024 are eligible to attend this event.
This event is open to the first 50 registrants.
Registration Deadline: April 1, 2022
All sessions will be hosted via Zoom.
Symposium topics will be tailored to fit the specific needs of this year’s participants. During registration, you will be asked to choose five topics which interest you most. The most popular topics will be used to create the symposium curriculum.
The event is available at no cost to the participants.

Possible topics include:

Personal Skills:
Developing confidence
Adaptability during change
Developing resilience to change
Conflict management
Learning and applying mindfulness (mindfulness walk)

Leadership Skills:
Foundation of leadership
Developing personal and social responsibility
Mini-sessions on women empowerment and women and leadership
Why we all need to know about leadership (focus on careers and development)

Mental Health Skills:
Stress management
Understanding vulnerability
Addressing perfectionism
Creating personal growth

Developing values
Developing ethical codes
Discussing diversity and bias

College Preparation:
Help with the college selection process
Help with the college application process
How to handle transitions (specifically high school to college)
Creating academic skills
Panels from students, alumnae, and special guests