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FWS Infographic Projects

FWS Infographic Projects

Students in FWS 101 produce texts in a variety of genres. Below are a selection of infographics they have created. These infographics are produced as part of larger, collaborative projects in which students select social issues they believe are in need of further attention. Students create infographics on these issues and direct them to specific target audiences of their choosing. Students strive to incorporate important features of the infographic genre, such as use of reliable sources, incorporation of effective design principles, and inclusion of clear “next steps” or actions for the target audiences to take.

This project promotes the notion that “writing” is more than just producing papers; writing is the production of any kind of communicative text. Effective writing involves awareness of elements such as audience, genre, and purpose. Further, writing can be used to inspire change and enact exactly the kinds of values that Cottey promotes, particularly global awareness, social responsibility, and leadership.

2022 Infographics
Dos and Don’ts: Service Animals Vs. Emotional Support Animals” by Addison Brigance, Lillabeth Whitlow, and Sydney Williams

Just Act Normal: The Impacts of Ableism on People with Mental and Physical Disabilities” by Dani Beauregard and Luka Parker

Missing And Murdered Indigenous Women: No More Stolen Sisters” by Claudia Hadlock, Lauren Sawyer, and Daniela Takashima