Undergraduate Research Grants

  1. Cottey College will define Undergraduate Research as any investigation or inquiry that is conducted by an undergraduate student and makes an intellectual or creative contribution to the discipline (Wentzel, 1997).
  2. Baccalaureate students with at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA as well as faculty sponsors are eligible to apply for grants up to $2,000.
  3. Students who conduct research for academic credit or capstone research are not eligible for this funding opportunity.
  4. Applications will be prioritized by merit and the quality of their application. A rubric will guide evaluation that addresses overall depth, forethought, quality and strength of individual application sections.  Students are strongly encouraged to work with their advisor and/or the Writing Center to ensure that a high-quality application is submitted.
  5. Funding decisions will be made by the Leadership Team, a committee composed of students, faculty, and administrative staff. Faculty and student members of the Leadership Team are appointed by the Vice President of Academic Affairs.
  6. The application cycle will follow the below timeframe:
    Semester of ResearchApplication DueSelection DecisionFunds Available
  7. All undergraduate research grants will require completion/participation in the following:
    1. An assessment of the experience (developed by the Institute) completed by each participant
    2. At least one campus presentation
    3. A reflective letter (minimum of 200 words) reflecting on the experience and learning
    4. At least two photographs showcasing the immersion experience

    The reflective letter and photograph may be used by the Institute in communications and publications. All paperwork is due to the Secretary of the Serenbetz Institute within 30 days of the completion of the immersion. Up to 10% of remaining funds will be dispersed upon receipt of required items noted above.

  8. All payments and reimbursements are subject to Cottey College Financial Procedures. 10% of awarded funds will be retained from student applicants pending completion of the items in section 7 above.

Evaluation Rubric

Hakim, T. M. (2000). At the interface of scholarship and teaching: How to develop and administer institutional undergraduate research programs. Washington, D. C.: Council on Undergraduate Research.
Wentzel , J. (1997). What is undergraduate research?. Journal of Chemical Education, 74(12), 1390.

Curious what applications should look like? Below is a sample that has been funded previously.

Payments from Cottey College to students may be considered taxable income.


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