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Watch the 139th Opening of the College ceremony live. Saturday, August 20 at 7 p.m.


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Making Education Affordable

In 2022, 46% of our students graduated with no debt! Cottey understands every family’s financial situation is unique, and we want to help you get an education without a long-term financial burden. That’s why we work with each student to tailor a financial aid package to your specific circumstances.



The women who come to Cottey aren’t looking for an easy path for a degree. They are looking for an experience that enables them to discover their passions, find their voices and achieve their goals—both academically and socially.

Taylor Jordan Class of ‘24

Cottey allowed me to double-major in Theatre and Biology. Singing and acting is my dream, and Biology is my backup plan. You can have multiple plans coming to Cottey.

Chloe Bollin Class of ‘24

Cottey is a really great place to be heard. You don’t realize how little space you have as a woman until you don’t have to fight for space anymore. Cottey is a safe space for people to explore personal interests, academic interests, and be themselves.

Greta Hundtofte Class of ‘24

Cottey is a wonderful place full of opportunities for any student.