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Discover Your Purpose

Discover Your Purpose


A four week course offered from September 6-October 3, 2022.

Description:  Who are YOU? What aspects of your life reflect your uniqueness? You are uniquely made up of skills, talents, passions, personality, and motivations.  In this activity-filled workshop, you will learn the basics of identifying your unique purpose while exploring personal awareness and growth, understanding your relationships, and the why behind your actions and behaviors.

Leverage your strengths and skills exponentially.  You can leverage what you are already good at and passionate about to create more value for others with less effort and less time.  It can be easier than you think to find meaningful activities or work and receive value for it.

Highly successful, purposeful people do one thing in common. They know, intimately, who they are, what they are passionate about, what their strengths are, and they know how to leverage their uniqueness into purposeful, meaningful work.

Course Schedule:  4 Optional Live Q/A Sessions with Dr. Ogren via Zoom.  These sessions will also be recorded.

In this 4 week, online course, you will learn to:

  • Make Your Personality Work For You – Identify your instinctive way of working and recognize how you best connect with others.
  • Assess Your Motivations – Identify your personal values through activities that will confirm and test them. You might be surprised how these invisible motivators show up in your daily life!
  • Live in the Intersection of Your Personal Passions, Natural Strengths, & Your Distinct Skills – Realize the sweet spot of activities that align these natural areas of passions and strengths.
  • Avoid Energy Drains – Identify your own sources of energy and strategies to avoid energy drains.
  • Create a Unique Purpose Formulation – Follow the individualized template to ‘bring it all together’, identifying your Unique Life Purpose.
  • Roadmap to Next Steps – Now what? The rubber meets the road when we consider how to live within our life purpose.


The cost of this course is $125. The course includes four optional Live Q/A Sessions with Dr. Ogren via Zoom.

About Dr. Tammy Ogren

In addition to full-time faculty at Cottey College, Dr. Tammy Ogren has started, managed, and grown a variety of businesses in her 30+ years of leading and growing companies, as well as mentoring business owners, to turn their passion, skill, and expertise into a life that fits their personal values and vision.

As Chief Operating Officer, Tammy led an organization through the transformation of a virtual organization where 75% of the employees worked remotely. Her real-world experience led her to her Ph.D. research, A Qualitative Multi-Case Study of Leadership and Inter-Team Collaboration among Higher Education Distributed Employees to earn her Ph.D. is in Business Administration, with a specialist in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. 

In addition, she is a partner Expand with Purpose, a firm focusing on developing leaders and business owners to reach their potential, founded and sold  Spicy Guys, a snack food wholesale company and earned her M.B.A. and Management of Human Relations bachelor degree returning to school in her thirties, while raising children and working full-time.  She holds many certifications including life coach, Myers-Briggs, and in emotional intelligence coaching.