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Spring break can be a great time to relax and unwind with friends, and it can also offer a remarkable experience that stretches boundaries and broadens your global perspective. At Cottey, you’ll have the opportunity to spend the first week of spring break visiting a European city with classmates and faculty, learning about art, history, science and culture. The trip doesn’t cost you or your parents extra on your tuition. Cottey pays for your airfare and hotel. You’re only responsible for meals and incidentals. Cottey believes every student deserves a global education, and travel to another culture is a valuable part of your learning. In fact, many students find it so empowering, they use the second week of spring break to organize their own overseas travel. Learn more about the trip by contacting the Office of Enrollment Management at 1-888-5COTTEY.

In 2017, Cottey students will travel to Italy, New Zealand, Thailand or Tanzania.

* Students traveling to New Zealand, Thailand or Tanzania may have additional fees. The college will reimburse airfare and lodging up to the cost of the European trip.

Every Cottey student attending the International Experience is required to take two educational modules, taught by Cottey faculty and administrators, during the week. Many students will take several modules. Below are titles of modules that have been taught in Florence, London, Madrid, Paris, Rome, and Barcelona. Your modules may vary.


  • Galleria dell’Academia and St. Mark’s Museum
  • Michelangelo and the Medici
  • The Duomo, Santa Maria del Fiore, and the Baptistry

  • A Tour of the National Gallery of Art
  • Hampton Court Palace and King Henry VIII
  • Royal National Theatre Backstage Tour and Show
  • Rock’n’Roll London
  • Westminster Abbey
  • A Day Outside London: Stonehenge, Bath, and Jane Austen Centre

  • Spain’s Liquid Gold: A study of Olive Oil
  • Mahler in Madrid
  • A visit to the Thyssen-Bomesisza Art Museum
  • A Tour of Segovia
  • Corrida de Toros: Bullfighting and Spanish Culture
  • Flamenco Lesson and Lunch

  • The Laboratories of Curie and Pasteur
  • Masterpieces in the Musee de l’Orangerie
  • Moulin Rouge: Dinner and a Show
  • Paris at Night: Experience the City of Lights by Bike and Boat
  • The Basilica of Saint Denis: Historical Stones and Bones

  • The Coliseum and Ancient Ruin
  • Bernini, the Borghese, and the Ecstasy of St. Theresa
  • Underground Rome
  • Concert at the Academia di Santa Cecilia

  • Women in Catalonia
  • Back in Time: The Placa del Rei
  • Picasso: The Man, The Mind, The Art
  • Barcelona’s Palaces at Carrer Montcada
  • Antoni Gaudí: Life and Legacy
  • “GRAIN,” an NGO, in theory and practice

Most people who have travelled to other countries will say that it was an experience that changed their perspective, their understanding, and their lives; which is exactly what Cottey students say. We know you can learn as much from the experience, maybe even more, than from all the books you'd read in class.

That's why traveling abroad is built in to your Cottey experience. Previous destinations have included England, France, Italy, and Spain. Alternate destinations may include Japan, Thailand or Guatamala.

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