Do you love learning about how plants and animals live? Biology might be for you! Biology majors study living organisms and vital processes of all life forms. As a biology major, you will investigate the structure, function, heredity and evolution of microorganisms, fungi, plants and animals. Your studies will take place in labs and in the field.

You will learn much more than biology. You will develop skills in scientific communication and grow as a leader. Many students attend national scientific conferences. You also can manage your own research project with help from a professor. Cottey also offers a science club called CotteyWiSE, where science majors network and build friendships.

Cottey offers a bachelor of science in biology.

A biology degree prepares you for many careers, such as research, conservation, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, science writing as well as a host of other jobs.

You also will be ready for graduate school. Biology majors go on to receive doctorates in biology, microbiology, ecology, genetics, molecular and cellular biology and many other subfields. Others become physicians, physical therapists, genetic counselors, occupational therapists or epidemiologists.

Nancy Kohn, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Biology
University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Ph.D.
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