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Fine Arts Scholarship Application

Fine Arts Scholarship Application

Cottey College
Office of Financial Aid
1000 West Austin, Nevada, Missouri 64772
Phone: (417) 667-8181
Fax: (417) 448-1045

Priority deadline is February 1.

Students are encouraged to apply early, if possible.

The requirements of Fine Arts scholarships vary by department. Students may not be able to meet the requirements of multiple scholarships, and thus may be asked to choose between scholarship options. Students are able to take classes and audition to participate in Fine Arts programs without a scholarship.

  1. Applications submitted without supporting documents will not be considered.
  2. Applicants must be accepted for admission to Cottey.
  3. A button for application can be found at the bottom of this page. In order to apply, students must have a myCottey login.


Fine Arts Scholarship Info


Supplemental Application Materials

Submit a portfolio of ten to twenty pieces which represent your best and most recent artwork.

Portfolios may include: Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Ceramics, Printmaking, Computer-generated imagery, Mixed Media, Drawing

Your portfolio should also include a variety of artworks, with at least two different mediums. Your portfolio should be submitted in the form of a website link. You may use Tumblr, a blog, a publicly accessible website, or Google Drive. If using Google Drive, please make sure the link settings allow viewers. Social media sites, such as Instagram or TikTok are discouraged. Images on the website should be sharp and clear with few distractions in the background. 76dpi is the recommended minimum resolution. Please include the link to your website on the application. Applications without a portfolio link will not be considered.

Scholarship Requirements

Recipients must enroll in one art class each semester, or make other comparable arrangements with the art faculty.


Supplemental Application Materials

To apply for a scholarship in dance, please submit a recorded performance of yourself dancing in at least two dance styles (e. g. ballet, modern, jazz) by posting online and providing us the link. Please send video of only yourself dancing. You may choose to show barre or other class exercises, but please also include a 2 minute solo dance combination/performance. Please keep total video length under ten minutes.

Scholarship Requirements

Recipients must audition for and enroll in the Dance Company class each semester. Recipients are required to participate in extra-curricular dance activities.


Supplemental Application Materials

In order for your application to be considered, you must audition in person or submit a recorded audition. Applicants can audition in-person during an on-campus visit; they are also encouraged to visit when classes are in session to meet current students and sit in on a Cottey ensemble rehearsal. Applicants who cannot visit campus may submit a high-quality recording via online link, CD, or DVD.

Audition materials may include: contest-type solos, etudes, or All-District/Region audition music. Vocalists should sing with accompaniment, if possible. If you are having trouble selecting music, please ask your high school director or music teacher. Or, contact the Music Department Faculty (

Scholarship Requirements

  • Recipients of the non-major music scholarship are required to enroll in lessons and the specified ensemble each semester.
  • Recipients of the music major/minor scholarship are required to enroll in one class from the harmony block of classes, lessons, and the specified ensemble each semester.
  • Students who receive a music major scholarship and a scholarship in another discipline may be asked to choose between the two awards, because the time requirements and scheduling conflicts between multiple scholarships may make it impossible for students to meet requirements for both awards.

Supplemental Application Materials

Theatre scholarships are available to all qualified students, regardless of academic major. Prospective students must first be accepted for admission to Cottey College, and submit a theatre scholarship application. Next, prospective acting students must audition for the theatre faculty and respond to application questions. Designers and technicians will submit design photos or a one page resume documenting theatre experience and respond to application questions.

Prospective students may interview and audition with a Theatre Department Faculty member during a campus visit. Prospective students who visit when classes are in session may meet current students and attend a theatre department course.

Prospective acting students who are not able to visit campus in person can submit a CD, DVD, or online link of a high quality recording of a one minute monologue. Please include a slate before your monologue which states your name, the piece you are performing and the character you are portraying. 

Scholarship Requirements

Students receiving a theatre scholarship must enroll in a minimum of one theatre course each semester and participate in a significant and meaningful way in all main stage theatre productions.  Theatre majors and minors will be given priority in receiving theatre scholarships.

A theatre scholarship may not be paired with an athletic scholarship as the requirements for the scholarship require significant hours dedicated to productions.