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Program Description

The Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership is an interdisciplinary approach to relevant issues in any sector or setting. The major is designed to provide an opportunity for students to study the relevant theoretical and academic aspects of leadership while developing practical skills through the development of individual leadership capacity. The program combines academic coursework with experiential aspects that result in a tangible and applicable understanding of effective leadership. The major is designed to support students as they progress through their careers by emphasizing the role, scope, and effectiveness of women leaders.

A Leadership Development Plan (LDP) that individualizes leadership growth for each student is completed each semester and tracks leadership development within each student, contributing to a portfolio showcasing both academic knowledge and leadership skills that may be utilized for graduate school applications or advancing career objectives. Additionally, the major at Cottey relies heavily on experiential learning, both within the classroom and in the overall program requirements.

A Cottey student majoring in Organizational Leadership:

  • Recognizes the Roles of Women through developing a better understanding of her own leadership capacity. The collective experience will provide insight into the need and potential for women leaders, and a better understanding of the collective state of leadership for women.
  • Communicates Effectively utilizing both the technical skill of effective communication and the understanding of the importance of the craft. Courses are designed to enhance student skills in developing and delivering visual and oral communication messages regarding their learning.
  • Collaborates Successfully as a result of group projects and experiences that emphasize team activities and group assignments.
  • Acts Responsibly through programmatic and curricular aspects that emphasize responsibility for individuals and the communities (local, national and global) that students are involved with and responsible for.

Programmatic Learning Outcomes

As a result of completing the major in Organizational Leadership, students will have:

  1. A better understanding of leadership, demonstrated by the development of a Leadership Portfolio that includes both academic and practical.
  2. Heightened self-awareness, as demonstrated by tangible growth through ongoing use of Leadership Development Plans (LDPs).
  3. Practical experience in leadership, gained through a Leadership Internship and Leadership Excursions, which have been reflected on to enhance leadership capacity.

Career Outlook

Students pursuing Organizational Leadership will be prepared to pursue
graduate study in interdisciplinary fields or may pursue careers in areas such as:

  • Community Development
  • Conductor
  • Educational Administration
  • Entrepreneur
  • Event Coordination
  • Government Official
  • Human Resources
  • Industrial Relations
  • Management Consulting
  • Military
  • Non-Profit Management
  • Organization Management
  • Organizational Development
  • Political Advisor
  • Project Management
  • Strategic Planning Consultant
  • Theatre Director
  • Volunteer Coordinator

Students pursuing the major in Organizational Leadership will be required to complete
20 credits in Organizational Leadership Studies (OLS), 15 hours of coursework from relevant
disciplines (BUS, ENG, PHI, PSY, SPE) and nine (9) credits of relevant electives. The
curriculum does include courses that may involve pre-requisites, it is presumed that
these courses will be taken as requirements for the second major or as requirements for
the core curriculum.

Every student interested in the study of organizational leadership will begin their
journey by successfully completing OLS 102: Foundations in Leadership. Students are
strongly encouraged to double-major and to pursue either a study abroad or immersion
experience that supports their education and development from a global perspective.
Long-term integration of the elements within the program will occur during the
Leadership Capstone in order to enhance understanding and synthesis of experiential
components (internship and excursion/immersions) academic learning and
individualized development via Leadership Development Plans (LDPs).

Program/Degree requirements:

Course #Course TitleCredit Hrs.Cred Req.
Lower Division Requirements16
Choose one:
PHI 205Ethics3
PHI 210Human Nature & Society3
OLS/WGS 102Foundations in Leadership3
WRI 292Intro to Professional Writing3
SPE 101Fundamentals of Speech3
OLS 211Leadership Excursions1
OLS 280Organizational Leadership and Leading Change3
Upper Division Requirements22
OLS 320The Leader Within3
OLS 350Team Leadership & Group Dynamics3
*OLS 399Leadership Internship1
OLS 420Leadership Theories & Practice3
*OLS 490Leadership Capstone3
Choose one:
BUS 320Principles of Management3
OLS 330Leadership for Social Change   3
Choose one:
BUS 350Organizational Behavior3
PSY 345Industrial-Organizational Psychology3
Choose one research course:
IDS 312Qualitative Research Methods4
INR 320Quantitative Methods in Social Sciences3
PSY 310Research Methods I: Research Design and Ethics3
Select four courses from the following, one must be OLS:
BUS 480Strategic Management3
HIS/WST 211History of Women in the U.S.3
INB/IDS 450Corporate Social Responsibility3
INR/WGS 216Women, Power, & Politics3
OLS 220Leadership in Times of Crisis3
OLS 263Ethical Leadership3
OLS 360Leadership and Culture3
POL 141Public Policy3
PSY 245Personality Psychology3
PSY 325Motivation & Emotion3
PSY 331/WST 331Psychology of Women & Gender3
PSY 430Conflict Resolution3
SOC/INR 330Poverty & Inequality3
SPE 121Interpersonal Communication3
SPE 205Gender and Communication3
WGS 205Social Justice & Civic Engagement3
*While these electives range from 100-level to 400-level, we believe that the value of any of these courses will help a student achieve her individual goal and/or area for development as a leader.
Total Hours Required for B.A. in Organizational Leadership
Lower Division Requirements16
Upper Division Requirements24-25
Total Hours in Major52-53


Carol Clyde Gallagher, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Organizational Leadership 
(417) 667-8181, ext. 2117

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