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Cottey offers a music minor and performance opportunities for all students.

Program Description

The music minor is a 21-credit hour program for students who are majoring in areas other than music and want to continue studying music at the college level. Music minors enroll in an ensemble and applied lessons (voice, woodwind, brass, piano, or percussion) each semester. Students also have a weekly individual lesson and group repertoire class.

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Signature Courses

  • MUS 287 Chamber Singers

    Chamber Singers are a select group of singers who perform music in a variety of styles, with an emphasis on 20th and 21st century women composers. Chamber Singers welcomes singers from the Cottey College Community by audition. Contact Professor Spencer for more information.

  • MUS 285 Wind Ensemble

    Wind Ensemble is open to all Cottey students with experience playing in a concert band setting. In addition, high school students and adults from the surrounding community may join. Please see the full policy. This concert band performs from all genres of the traditional concert band literature.

  • MUS 289 Jazz Ensemble

    Jazz Ensemble performs blues, swing, jazz, funk and more. This group enjoys the flexibility of improvisation based music, and performs regularly each semester.

  • MUS 155 Handbell Ensemble

    Handbell Ensemble is open to all students without an audition. Using handbells and chimes, the group performs music from a variety of styles.

Career Outcomes

  • Career Outcomes

    • Elementary or Secondary Music Teacher
    • Performer
    • Private Music Instructor
    • College Professor
    • Music Therapist
    • Music Historian
    • Sound Engineer
    • Arts Administrator


  • Scholarship Audition

    Music scholarships are available to all qualified students, regardless of academic major. Prospective students must first be accepted for admission to Cottey College, and submit a music scholarship application. Next, prospective students must audition for the music faculty.

    • Prospective students may interview and audition with a Music Department Faculty member during a campus visit. Prospective students who visit when classes are in session may meet current students and experience a Cottey ensemble rehearsal.
    • Prospective students who are not able to visit campus in person can submit a CD, DVD, or online link of a high quality recording.

    Audition materials may include: contest-type solos, etudes, or All-District/Region audition music. Vocalists should sing with accompaniment, if possible. If you are having trouble selecting music, please ask your high school director or music teacher. Or, contact our Music Department Faculty ( Each scholarship application is processed soon after all materials are received. The priority deadline for scholarship consideration is February 1. Later applications will be considered until funding is exhausted.

    Recipients of the music scholarship must enroll in a private lesson and a Cottey music ensemble each semester.


  • Program Description

    Cottey’s Associate in Arts-Music (A.A.M.) degree prepares students to continue their studies in baccalaureate programs in music education, music performance, composition, music therapy, music theory, and musicology.

    The A.A.M. degree focuses on the first two years of liberal arts coursework needed for a baccalaureate degree in music, including music theory coursework, lessons, and ensembles. The A.A.M. is only for students entering Cottey in Fall 2023 or earlier.

    A graduate of the A.A. Music program:

    • demonstrates the music literacy and technical skills necessary for critical thinking in music
    • demonstrates performance skills on piano, including scales, transpositions, and harmonizations
    • demonstrates a body of knowledge and musicianship for solo performance at a level appropriate for transfer into a baccalaureate program
    • collaborates successfully with other musicians in an ensemble setting
  • Career Outcomes

    Possible Employment Settings:

    • Schools
    • Churches
    • Professional bands, choirs, and orchestras
    • Hospitals and nursing homes
    • Recording studios
    • Music publishers
    • Music-related businesses

Why Cottey’s Music Program Is Unique.

Students perform both as a soloist and with ensembles every semester, giving them the opportunity to learn new performance techniques, musical styles, and genres.

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