Read, Write, Think, Lead.

The English department at Cottey College offers courses in writing, literature, rhetoric, and critical theory.  We believe that the careful study of language and literature is not only at the heart of a liberal arts education, but also is crucial to becoming a broadly-educated, multi-faceted human being.

Doing English

Doing English at Cottey means you will

  • engage in critical, meaningful discussions in and out of the classroom;
  • travel to readings by well-known writers;
  • explore notable literary sites such as The WWI Museum in Missouri, Willa Cather's Childhood Home and Memorial Prairie in Nebraska, The Emily Dickinson Museum in Massachusetts, and Jane Austen's House in England;
  • participate in such academic organizations as Sigma Kappa Delta;
  • attend and present papers at national conferences;
  • submit papers to Cottey's academic writing contest;
  • edit and publish in Cottey's literary magazine, newspaper, or yearbook;
  • participate in internships and service learning projects;
  • discover who you are, what you think, and what you are capable of achieving.

Customize Your Experience

At Cottey, English majors who pursue the Bachelor of Arts degree in English can choose between two rigorous, broad-based concentrations: (a) the traditional English major and (b) the Women Writers emphasis.  On the traditional English track, students explore the history, theory, and place of literature and language in the English-speaking world, and are challenged by courses in English literature, American literature, Shakespeare, transatlantic literature, cultural studies, and critical theory.  The concentration on Women Writers combines the flexibility of a traditional English major with courses that invite students to think specifically about the roles women have played-and continue to play-in shaping literature, theory, culture, politics, civic engagement, and social identities.

The Write Stuff

We believe that learning to write well is about much more than just correcting essays.  Through sustained writing, inquiry, and revision, students develop the complex forms of awareness, habits of thought, and rhetorical responsiveness that are essential for any global citizen in the 21st century.

The minor in Writing and Rhetoric combines the sustained study of the foundations of Western thought with the contemporary importance of writing for diverse audiences and media.  Open to all students regardless of either major or degree program, the minor includes courses on creative writing, environmental writing, advanced writing, the history of rhetoric, business and technical writing, writing for the professions/disciplines, and much more.  In addition to their coursework, students pursuing a minor in Writing and Rhetoric will also develop a professional portfolio of their work comprised of both traditional and new media texts.

The Merry Ann DeVaney Sauls Academic Writing Contest


The Bachelor of Arts in English program is a highly interdisciplinary degree program that links English, Environmental Studies, and International Relations and Business.  Students can pursue a hybridized course of study that combines interdisciplinary coursework from these disciplines.  In addition to a wide array of interdisciplinary courses, all Bachelor of Arts students take coursework specifically designed to introduce them to the diverse content and methodology of the academic disciplines.

Regardless of which direction you choose, the dynamic interdisciplinary focus of the Cottey Institute for Women's Leadership and Social Responsibility will help you become a globally-aware leader in your community.  Moreover, the diverse, international student body at Cottey will give you a challenging peer group as well as a set of supportive friends.

Faculty Advising

Preparing a class schedule, investigating majors, and researching transfer institutions can be confusing for a first-year student.  At Cottey, academic advisors assist individual students in clarifying and achieving their educational goals.

Each student is assigned a full-time faculty member as an academic advisor.  Together the advisor and student devise a balanced academic program, which encompasses the student's educational and career ambitions.  The advisor reviews all registration decisions, the advisee's academic progress, and suggests transfer and career options.

This personalized approach to student advising allows the student to take ownership of her own academic success, while utilizing the experience and expertise of our faculty.

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